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    The recognised authority on the travel industry, Travel Weekly and its sister brands continue to inform, innovate and educate the travel agent community as well as providing platforms for advertisers to communicate with its highly influential audience.

    The flagship of the brand, Travel Weekly is Australia’s best read travel industry magazine (according to an independent survey conducted by Nielsen). Readers turn to Travel Weekly for unparalleled destination information, holiday ideas, in-depth travel industry analysis and the latest news. Quite simply Travel Weekly is the authority on all things travel-related. Click here to subscribe.

    Delivering breaking news on every aspect of the travel industry to more than 16,000 opt-in email addresses every day. Travel Weekly is a free EDM delivered daily to your inbox that travel professionals can’t live without.

    The Travel Weekly website is the hub of our digital offering. The site provides the travel agent community with a place to find the latest travel deals and offers, extensive destination profiles, industry photos, breaking news and a searchable database of more than 20,000 articles.

    The Travel Weekly jobs board is one of the industry’s most popular sources for jobs listings in the travel and tourism sector. This highly targeted microsite allows advertisers to target the best qualified applicants working within the travel industry, while the jobs board itself is regularly visited by passive and active jobs seekers.

    Travel Weekly Jobs lists jobs for travel consultants, travel managers, travel specialists and BDM’s. The travel jobs ads stay live for 28 days and get included in the Travel Today Newsletter.


  • afta
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    The Australian Federation of Travel Agents (AFTA) is the industry body involves addressing major issues relating to the operation of all travel agencies in Australia, at both a State and Federal level. AFTA prides itself on being the industry watchdog where it ensures that the viewpoint of the agent is transmitted through media outlets and advocating through lobbying activities. AFTA seeks to enhance the professionalism of Travel Agents through:

    • the effective representation in industry and government affairs
    • facilitating changes to education and training curriculum,
    • providing business support through professional advice and services, and
    • administration of the national travel accreditation scheme, ATAS
    • administration of the mutual fund AFTA Chargeback Scheme (ACS)